How To Verify My Site In Google Webmaster Tools

Google search console or Google Webmaster Tools allow you to track how your website is performing in the Google search results so if you haven’t signed up for search console yet it’s completely free you can easily verify your website with Google search console using Google Analytics using Google tag manager or doing it directly where you have your domain name registered.

Google Webmaster Tool gives you an incredible amount of information about how your website site is doing in Google search. 

Before I get into the search console and I’m gonna go over every little detail of the search console and how to verify your website as well but before we get into it what I want to do is go over what the Google search console is and some of the benefits of using the Google search console.

Benefits To Add Google Search Console

So first improve your performance on Google search to measure your website’s search traffic and performance fix issues and make your website shine in Google search results. You can actually see how your website is performing in the Google search results optimize your content with search analytics.

Users Search Queries

You can see what’s actual search queries or bringing people to your website, analyze your website’s impressions, click position and click through rate on Google search to submit your sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling.

Users Search Queries graph
Users Search Queries

Technical Issues

If you want to make sure that Google is completely up-to-date with all the pages on your website you can submit your sitemap and you can submit specific URLs if you just create a new page get alerted on issues and fix your website so Google will show you some of the technical issues with your website some warnings that you want to fix. Below is a screenshot where you can see the error of your website

Google Webmaster errors

So to get started what you can do is come here to slash webmasters so if you go there you’re gonna see this button right here for search console this is where you can access your Google search console account if you have a Google account already then you can easily access this here you’re just have to do a quick setup for your account and then you just sign in and all you need to do is add your website property and verify it now.

If you have developed a new website and want to Verify your site in Google Webmaster Tool then you need to create a Google Search Console account and after that, you need to follow the steps below:

Go to Google Search Console and click on Sign IN

Google Search Console and click on Sign IN

And then Click Start Now

Google Search Console Start now

Put you registered email id and password

Google Search Console sign in

After the login on account Click ‘Add a property’ under the search drop-down

Click ‘Add a property’

Enter the website URL in the box and click ‘Continue’.

Enter the website URL in the box

Copy the Highlight entire meta tag code and paste into your website head section.

opy the Highlight entire meta tag code

And click on verify. Congratulations! You’ve verified your website to Google Search Console!

How To Check Your Verification Tag On Webmaster

Go to the top-left and select your domain and click on Setting

Check Your Verification Tag On Webmaster

You will see the Ownership Verification

Ownership Verification

How To Check Google Webmaster Code In Website

Go to your website home page which you want to check. After the page load, open the website view source by clicking ctrl+u from your keyboard. You can see the HTML code by searching for “google-site-verification” you will see the webmaster verification code:

Check Google Webmaster Code In Website

How To Set Up Webmaster Tools In Google Analytics

In order to use the Search Console reports, you need to enable Search Console data sharing in your property settings. You must have administrator permissions on both the Google Analytics and Search Console accounts that are to be linked.

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the property in which you want to enable Search Console data sharing.
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings.
Set Up Webmaster Tools In Google Analytics

Scroll down to Search Console Settings.

Scroll down to Search Console Settings

And then click on add

Scroll down to Search Console Settings

Under the Search Console, select the reporting view(s) in which you want to see Search Console data. Select your website webmaster account and now you will your URL like:

Enable Search Console data

And now Click Save.

Search Console Setting

How To Give Access To Google Webmaster Tools

If you want gives users and permission so you would come here to add any additional Google accounts to be able to access your

account to give full control over your account. Give authorization on other accounts you need to make changes in your Google search console account. That could be really useful if you’re working with the team or if you’re working with clients and you want them to maintain ownership of all their accounts you can actually just get permission to access their account and then use that data as you’re improving their search engine optimization efforts

I’m gonna show you how to add a property. First You would come here to the property list and you would click on this drop down click on add property and then you can see either add a property with a domain. After That you need to follow below step:

Go to Settings and Click on “Users and permissions” and then click on “Add User”

Users and permissions

Enter you email id and then click on Add button:

Enter you email

And now You have done

How To Upload Google Search Console To WordPress

If your website is on wordpress and you want to upload Google Search Console code on that website then you  need to go to the website’s dashboard. From the dashboard let’s head over to plugins because you need to add a new plugin. 

Let’s go to plugins, add new, and under the search area search for insert

headers and footers. It’s a very simple plugin that is created by WPBeginner.

You need to click install now. Once it’s installed go ahead and activate it and this will give you a really simple and easy way to add code to verify things on your site. 

Now that you can go under settings go to insert headers and footers and go to the header area, right click and paste the code and then save that. Settings have been saved so you have added it successfully to our site. 

 Upload Google Search Console To WordPress by Yoast 

Now a second method you could use to add this piece of code to your site is by using a plugin that you probably already have installed and that’s by using the Yoast SEO plugin. To connect your site with search console using the Yoast plugin head over to your dashboard, go down to SEO, click dashboard, from here

You  have a tab up here called webmaster tools. 

When you click on that you will see  three different webmaster tools. You want to connect the Google search console so you just need to click into That area, right click, and paste that bit of code. Once you do that you can click Save Changes and for either of the plugins that you use the next step will be the same. 

Add Google search console code

You can head back over to the search console area, scroll down and click on verify now. It’ll go through and if it sees the code then you have been verified and now it’s added to the site.

how to add google search console to wix

To connect your Wix website to GSC, you will need to confirm that you are the owner of your website and domain. Remember: for now, this can only be done in the classic Google Search Console. The process is called verification and is slightly technical, but very simple to follow thanks to our step-by-step guide. Here’s how to do it:

  • Sign into your account.
  • In the Editor: Click on Site > Site Manager > SEO to add a header code on your website.
Sign into your account. account

Paste the meta tag code (that you copied from Google Search Console) in the text box under Header Code – Meta Tags.

Header Code – Meta Tags

How to Use the Google URL Inspection Tool for Your Website

Google index will actually give us an inspection in real time of that URL and show us any errors that we have. The URL is on Google but has issues and the page is not indexed so we can click here and request indexing, we can test the live URL.The tool provides “detailed crawl, index, and serving information” about your webpages directly from the Google index. It helps you identify and troubleshoot any problems that may be preventing your website from ranking well.

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