8 Awesome Ways To Increase Your YouTube Subscriber To Your Channel

Are you looking for popularity? For your videos on YouTube? Are you even more surprised about how others can accomplish their Youtube venture? No Worries! 

Suppose you wish to beat your competitors! Then start gaining massive video views by focusing on traffic rate and exposure by providing YouTube videos. And then you need to target on boosting your viewers or even represent them as YouTube subscribers. 

Always engrossing your YouTube subscribers is an art! 

Are you presently possessing a YouTube channel? If so, you must begin with the smart methods where you can become the next biggest YouTube star with several bunches of new subscribers. 

Today, video content is one of the leading processes for marketing in the world of 2021. YouTube is presently lifting the platform through video blogging, sharing, and marketing. It is known that one billion hours of YouTube videos are looked at by users every day. And which is similar to 8.4 minutes within a day for every human to spend. 

By using widespread popularity, it’s more challenging for online business marketers to ignore the video marketing platform. Yet with higher popularity comes your competition. To stand your YouTube channel in the crowd by using an endless library of video content, you need to make more effort!

Here, in this article, we have discussed the best ideas to boost your YouTube marketing through eight awesome methods and additional bonus tips for your channel by perfect strategic process fastly! 

1. Make Attractive Thumbnail Image:

Make a customized video thumbnail for every video, alternatively by allowing one by one for randomly produced YouTube video content. 

Always try to utilize the grabbing annotations and similar images as customized thumbnails for your videos on YouTube, which will improve your click-through rate(CTR). Always customized video thumbnails with a mere annotation will explain to your users what your video theme is about. 

YouTube provides a list of thumbnails from three intervals at the ½-nd, 1/4-th, and ¾-the mark intervals. Select one thumbnail that perfectly demonstrates your video. 

It supports you to grab new users for your channel, and if you are not making an appealing thumbnail, then you are missing out on a perfect chance to boost your subscribers count. 

Ideal Size: YouTube thumbnails should be around 1280 x 720 pixels with a standard size.

Also, you can employ tools like Thumbmaker (DIY) to make amazing thumbnails that provide pre-made templates, and you can make eye-grabbing thumbnails within a few minutes. 

2. Generate Highly Attractive Content:

YouTube channel begins with the video content creation process. Yet you need to understand the charming content creation. And then accomplish them by engaging your audience, provide the perfect informative videos, and entertain your subscribers anytime. Be ensured that it remains the perfect method for the completion time of the video. Losing the catch in the middle might cost you much effort for gaining your subscribers.

However, YouTube content that works perfectly needs to be either informative or entertaining. Always attractive content is the pretty standard rule with any type of content marketing. Yet, at a specific time, videos that inform and engage are commonly known to be most successful.

Particularly, you need to post a combination of burst and long-lived videos. Blast videos will be everything that works for a planned time, receiving instant hits, yet which will fade away as time goes away.

Long-lasting videos are the ones that will acquire you archived views and will stay similar over time. Perfectly feasible, you need to try to make the most evergreen content. 

3. Improve Titles To Obtain CTR:

Becoming recognized on YouTube is the essential criteria to become successful. One of the perfect methods to get your YouTube video with CTR is by providing your YouTube videos with bizarre names. It’s a perfect method to expand among the several groups of people by reaching your channel based upon the concepts of using curious titles that eagers them.

Crafting charming titles plays a massive role in receiving the views for your channel, which would make your YouTube channel to get advantage from the social media presence. 

There are some tips for improving your YouTube titles for higher reach:

  1. Make use of effective keywords in the title.
  2. Find what audiences are seeking on the internet: By using Google Adwords
  3. Don’t craft the title too long.
  4. Craft the title more descriptive.
  5. Create an engaging title.

4. Make an Engrossing Channel Trailer:

YouTube gives away a perfect quality teaser called a channel trailer that allows you to play a video automatically upon clicking on the YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel trailer is defined as something you need to work on and continuously increase to keep audiences engaged accurately. There are two different trailer factors to work on that can support you to receive more YouTube subscribers. 

Headstart your YouTube videos with Taglines:

Begin your YouTube video trailer by using taglines. Say, for instance, if your video tagline is higher ranking and more traffic, where it should be within three minutes.

Follow up with 60 seconds:

It is the moment where you should hook your audience’s attention within some sec. Always perfect channel trailer should be between 30 to 60 seconds. 

Moreover, here you need to give a perfect reason for your capable YouTube subscribers as to why they need to retain on your channel and what is that you have to provide them.

If you are perfect in front of the professional camera, give away a quick, engaging, and informative introduction with a well-formatted script. 

Improve until it’s ideal!

5. Let Always Audience Recognize Your YouTube Channel:

YouTube gives a chance to connect to your official web page and if you have got one, then make sure you perform it. The hard work that you put into receiving visitors for your YouTube channel can be monetized when you lead several eager viewers into your website. Also, your YouTube channel will also get verified as an authentic representation of your brand on YouTube.

Under the channel’s settings for your YouTube page, then include your website or blog URL for your description for your channel. In relevance, you can include a subscribe button anywhere on your blog to push lots of subscribers for your YouTube channel. 

6. Communicate With Your Loyal Subscribers:

Today, every social media platform is made from the relevant thread of linking and connecting with your fellow audience. 

Interaction among your audience is everything about how concerned you are linked to your subscriber by listening to their suggestions or requests by looking at their feedback for your videos. All loyal fans start to mention their real YouTube comments that elevate the engagement rate organically! 

When your fans know that you care about them, they will care about you. React to the comments below your videos and create your audience feel linked up every time. It will enhance trust, and they will respect you for caring about them. 

Here, the simplest methods of prompting with your subscribers help to boost your YouTube fan base. Never underestimate that your audience can read your mind. In your YouTube videos, provide your subscribers with an attractive call-to-action and prompt them to tap the subscribe option right above the video. 

There is a simple three best formula for making an engaging call-to-action for your video that makes subscribing for your channel a complete no rocket science.

Explain what to do or how to do, or why to do activities. 

7. Examine Giveaways and Video challenges:

Who doesn’t love to receive giveaways from their favorite YouTube channel?

Provide your subscriber something with a perfect return for lifting up your YouTube channel’s engagement rate. A freebie YouTube giveaways or video will treat your present followers that will support you to tempt the fresh subscribers. 

You can provide anything you wish to:

  1. A brand new tech gadget.
  2. Start with branded dressing apparel.
  3. A hosting subscription
  4. Brand new cars. 

However, your viewers will enjoy the chance of receiving something for free, and they will suggest everything to their friends about them. It’s not a free promotion but also a viral one. 

To make up for the biggest giveaway, several YouTube hosts need the users to track back every social media profile to check into their contest. Also, make sure that you are giving away the giveaway that matches your subject niche, yet even if it’s not relevant. Still, your audience will be eager for something new. 

8. Start Your Cross-promotion On Other Platforms:

In this era of social media platforms, YouTube channels present and active on several social media platforms are pre-conditional for active and enabled. 

Are you trying to enhance your brand? Then the YouTube discovery concept is mandatory. You should be active on several major social media platforms. 

You need to possess at least have a profile on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus. Yet you can always choose for other platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and everything for others.

Are you being spending too much on social media networks that seem to be a logistical nightmare? Then you can make use of auto-scheduling applications like SocialPilot to assist you to remain organized and even on a regular posting schedule. 

You can make use of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to motivate yourself further on the website. 

Here, you got some additional points about the YouTube channel to improve your subscribers straightforwardly. 

Bonus Tip1:

How To Increase Your YouTube Video Views and Subscribers?

In the era of social media platforms, YouTube looks more dominant and has a higher competition rate. By boosting up your YouTube channel, you can increase your video views and subscribers count enormously!

Now let us jump directly into the ideas of getting more video views for your YouTube channel:

  • Influencer your Featured YouTube Channel:

Another process of improving your reach and raising your subscribers is to collaborate with your other YouTube content makers technically. 

Immediately on the YouTube channel page is a chance to include other Featured Channels of those YouTubers you wish and suggest. When you receive other channels that have got the same set of audiences to feature you, you can experience to check new audiences coming on your method fastly. 

  • Include YouTube Widget To Your Post:

Are you getting more traffic rate? Then YouTube widget is the perfect chance to receive more motivate those viewers and receive them to become as your subscribers for your channel. 

YouTube subscription widget: You can make your videos simpler for others to watch your videos and also subscribe for future content. 

Call to action graphic: It helps to communicate with the videos. You can add a small graphic above the combined videos that explain to people exactly what to do something new. 

Then your viewers can like and share your YouTube videos also even subscribe to your channel by driving the more info option. 

  • Make a Payoff:

The favorite methods of grabbing new subscribers begin by making a payoff. It works out with magical aspects by uploading your targets to the viewers. 

  1. Some of the simple methods in a step-by-step manner. 
  2. Find your present subscriber rate.
  3. Identify the goal of the subscriber.
  4. Choose something fresh, unique, and different. 
  5. Share your goal. 
  • Make a perfect uploading frequency  to maintain people-watching:

Consistency is the main key factor in developing your YouTube subscriber with long-lasting subscribers count. Post your videos in constructive time format. Follow up the schedule, which will retain your followers. 

  • Try to advertise other videos with end screens and cards: 

Annotations are slightly sticky notes that people everywhere around the videos they have been posted on YouTube. 

In the case of improving your subscribing, there are many effective ways that are recommended. 

An End screen works like CTA(call-to-action), which will display at the end of your video. If you need to motivate your audience to subscribe, direct them to the next upcoming video using the end cards. It lets you pick from various factors based upon your target. 

  • Develop a group or community

Bonus Tip 2:

Effective Methods of YouTube: How To Increase Watch Time on YouTube Channel?

Watch time, also known as audience retention, is defined as one of the effective YouTube analytics. It is calculated by the total amount of time in total that the audience spends watching your videos. Basically, videos first-class is the perfect metric results in a higher complete viewing period. 

To improve your YouTube video’s watch time is most probably to enhance your channel via search and recommended videos, which in turn gives out more number of views. 

  • Format playlist to push a straight viewing exposure. 
  • Select titles and thumbnails that perfectly resonate with your content. 
  • Make use of YouTube cards. 
  • Craft your YouTube videos based on long-tailed video keywords. 

Bonus Tip 3:

How To Know That Who Subscribed YouTube channel?

Are you interested in developing your YouTube channel? Do you even want to know who subscribed to your YouTube channel?

If you possess a YouTube channel, then you would always have a fabulous feeling when somebody subscribes to your channel. Yet the question is, who and how bigger is your channel?

Always remember the new subscribers who made subscriptions to your channel will only be displayed here if they have established their YouTube subscribe account to the public. As subscriber list is arranged by the size range of the channel. 

Methods to check out recent subscribers:

You can view a list of your channel’s 100 most recent subscribers in YouTube Studio. Moreover, the list only reveals subscribers who have selected to make their subscriptions public. When an audience first joins on YouTube, then their subscription chart is made private by default. 

Bonus Tip 4:

Methods on How To Increase YouTube Volume:

Who knows that increasing the volume of YouTube videos could be such a heavy topic? Anyhow, what chances do you really have over the on-screen slider? You’d be astonished, actually. 

It changes out to be there are several methods to manage YouTube video volume. There are some of the best methods.  

  1. Volume slider
  2. Keyboards Shortcuts
  3. Work with the mouse.

Some of the third party volume controls:

  • Magic Actions
  • YouTube mouse controls

Other methods to control YouTube Volume for Video:

  • VLC Media player.
  • Adjust the audio output on your PC.

Now It’s Your Turn To Work On:

I hope in this article, we have discussed the eight amazing ideas to receive more subscribers on YouTube. Also, I would like to hear from you which strategy helped you the most to enhance you boost up your subscribers’ rate massively for your channel. 

Here summing up the amazing methods to develop your YouTube subscribers for your channel:

  1. Starting from crafting up the effective YouTube thumbnail.
  2. Produce highly alluring video content.
  3. Interactive CTR for your video
  4. Start with your channel’s trailer. 
  5. Make interaction with your subscribers to know about your fans.
  6. Check about the giveaways and challenges for your videos. 
  7. Cross-promotional tactics for the platforms. 

Also, you have got an added idea for your YouTube channel that knows about the view counts, and subscribers count, then describing the watch time and audience who subscribed to their channel.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article! If you want to know anything, comment below.

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Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.

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