Q: What’s an accurate description of callout extensions?

A) Short, specific snippets of text that highlight value-adding attributes.
B) Additional links that direct users to specific pages of a website.
C) A mobile-only format that enables users to contact a business via text messages.
D) Extends ads with a phone number, allowing mobile users to directly call a business.

Correct Answer is A) Short, specific snippets of text that highlight value-adding attributes.


Callout extensions are additional snippets of information that can be added to text ads on Google Ads. They appear below the ad copy and give advertisers the opportunity to highlight specific aspects of their products or services. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

What are callout extensions?

Callout extensions are ad extensions that allow advertisers to add additional text to their search ads. These additional snippets of text can be used to highlight unique selling propositions, key benefits, promotions, or other relevant information about the advertiser’s business. Callout extensions are a great way to add more detail to your ad without taking up valuable space in your main ad copy.

How do callout extensions appear in ads?

Callout extensions appear as an additional line of text beneath the main ad copy. They are designed to give searchers a quick snapshot of what your business has to offer, without having to click through to your website. Callout extensions are usually displayed in a separate line, but they can also appear in the main ad copy itself.

What are the benefits of using callout extensions?

There are several benefits to using callout extensions in your ads:

  1. Increased visibility: By adding additional text to your ads, you increase the likelihood that your ads will stand out from the competition and attract clicks.
  2. More space for messaging: Callout extensions allow you to highlight specific features or benefits of your products or services, which can help to convince searchers to click on your ad.
  3. Improved relevance: Callout extensions can help to make your ads more relevant to the search query by providing additional context and information.
  4. Higher click-through rates: Ads with callout extensions tend to have higher click-through rates (CTR) than those without, as they provide more information and are more likely to catch the searcher’s attention.

How do you create callout extensions?

To create callout extensions in Google Ads, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab and select the campaign you want to add callout extensions to.
  3. Click on the Ads & Extensions tab and then click on the Extensions tab.
  4. Click on the blue plus button and select Callout Extension from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your callout text in the field provided. You can add up to four callouts per ad.
  6. Click Save to apply your callout extensions to your ad.

In conclusion, callout extensions are an effective way to add more information to your ads and make them more compelling to potential customers. By highlighting key benefits, features, or promotions, you can increase the visibility and relevance of your ads, and drive more clicks and conversions.

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