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You are currently viewing 5 Uses of AI Summarizers in SEO Writing

AI summarizers are useful for quick and effective summarization of the text. Writers can use summarizer tools to create SEO-friendly content. But, most of them may not know how to utilize them for SEO purposes.

In this post, we are going to discuss five uses of AI summarizers in SEO writing. Let’s dive into it.

1. Creating Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a small paragraph (i.e. containing 150 to 160 characters) that is shown under the title of your content in SERPs. Look at the following demonstration;

meta description box

In the above image, you can see the meta description of the post in the red block.

It is important to add all the key points in the meta description in order to tell readers about your content.

But, sometimes, it can be a tough task to cover all the key points of the long/extensive content in limited characters of the meta description.

In this scenario, using an AI summarizer can be a helpful solution for you. You can simply input the entire content into the summarizer tool and select the summary length. The tool will create a summary of the content that you can use as a meta description.

2. Creating Abstracts and Excerpts for Blog Posts

Abstracts are the brief statements of your blog posts. They help readers to identify whether your blog post has the information for which they are looking. They also help search engine crawlers determine the quality, and relevancy of your content and rank it accordingly in “SERPs”.

The abstract must be covering all the aspects/points of your entire blog post. Yet, doing it manually can sometimes be a difficult chore that may be time-consuming as well.

On the contrary, using AI summarizer can minimize your efforts. With these tools, you can create a summary of the blog post that can be used as an abstract. 

Now let’s move toward creating excerpts. Excerpts are the texts that are used for addressing readers about what your content/blog post will be about. You may think that excerpts are like meta descriptions, but they are different. They are not mandatory to add which means you may or may not use them.

Some people prefer reading excerpts to know about a particular blog post. So, in order to hook them it can be beneficial to showcase all the key points of your blog post in an excerpt.

Sometimes, writing excerpts can be a hard nut to crack.

Like abstracts, you can create excerpts using an AI summarizer. It will summarize the blog post in a shortened form that can be utilized as an excerpt.

Note: Using AI summarizers for creating abstracts and excerpts needs some human touch also. So, it’s mandatory to read the output and make improvements, if required. Moreover, you can summarize the same content more than one time. The summarizer will give you different results every time and you can choose the perfect output from them.

3. Creating Introductions and Conclusions

The introduction is the second thing that people read after the Title of the content. It determines whether the readers will stay on your site or not. It conveys a lot of information about your content like

  • What your topic is about
  • Why it is important to read your content
  • How will you proceed with the topic

In the same way, a conclusion plays a significant role in your content. Some people can jump directly to the conclusion to know about the main theme of the content. Based on the information in the conclusion they decide whether to read the whole content or not.

introductions and conclusions

So, introductions and conclusions of your blog posts should be well-written (i.e. covering the essence of the entire post). Writing such content can be time-consuming and a tough chore to do.

That’s why we recommend using AI summarizers for creating introductions and conclusions. These tools require minimum effort. You just have to input the content in the summarizer tool and it will immediately summarize it. You can make use of this summary as an introduction or conclusion.

4. Shortening SEO Content for Brevity and Readability

Brief/concise content containing a maximum of information is mostly liked by readers as they are time as well as effort-saving.

SEO Content

But, sometimes writers can’t cover their content in a concise manner and write it descriptively to express all the required information. Such types of long-form content (having thousands of words) can be difficult to read since it requires extra time and effort to understand them. 

You can condense your longer content into a concise one by running it through AI summarizers. Additionally, all the information or intent of the original content will remain unchanged. It will improve the readability of your content by making it easy to read.


AI summarizers have brought great improvements in the writing field. Writing SEO content with these doesn’t require mastering expertise in writing. With summarizer tools, you can easily create text pieces that can be helpful in SEO writing like meta descriptions, introductions, conclusions, abstracts, excerpts, etc.

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