Top 300+ Free Business Listing Sites list for India & USA in 2020

Are you a professional SEO? Do you have ideas about business listing in SEO? If YES, then this is a list of top 300+ FREE business listing sites of India & USA with high DA and Alexa Rank for you. As we know business listing is not a big deal in SEO but we need good business listing data where we can list our business listing. If you list your business information on these free business listing sites then they will increase online exposure and provides new avenues to reach your potential customers. These local business listings also commonly referred…

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Top 100+ Marketing & SEO Niche Website List That Accept Guest Post In 2019

Contributing high quality guest posts to relevant blogs and high domain authority website is a proven way to to boost your website rankings in search engine and increase traffic. But finding the right & good website who can submit your content is more tricky. So I am sharing here a list of more then 100 high quality blogs and websites that accept marketing & SEO related content. You can guest post on and contribute your high guilty content to in 2019. What is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging: Guest posting or Guest Blogging is that where you write an article…

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How to Use Google Analytics to Create A Customer-centric Content Strategy

"If your content is for everybody, then your content really is for nobody"-Kristina Halvorson, MozCon 2015 Targeting a large audience segment can be helpful because the chances of lead conversion becomes exponentially large. So you have more audience that you can work on to attract them as your prospective customers. Despite this tall advantage, there‚Äôs a loophole in having content designed for very large audience group. Creating content for a larger audience often makes it generic and so the content might not be able to address the specific pain points of your targeted audience.That alone is a big No, because,…

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