Q: Match the marketing goal to the correct ad extension.

A) You’re focused on driving phone calls to your business
B) You operate many retail stores and want potential customers to see the distance from their location to your stores.
C) You’re interested in directing people to specific pages on your website
D) You want to describe the features of a specific product your business offers before customers click on the ad.

Correct Answer is

Sitelink extension (C)

Structured snippets (D)

Call extension (A)

Location extension (B)


Ad extensions are a type of feature in online advertising that can be added to your ads to provide additional information and interactivity. The best ad extension to use for a particular marketing goal would depend on several factors, including the type of business, the target audience, and the desired outcome.

Some common marketing goals that businesses might have include increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to their website, generating leads, or boosting sales. Ad extensions that might be useful for these goals could include site link extensions, call extensions, location extensions, or review extensions, among others. The best way to determine which ad extensions are right for your marketing goals would be to experiment with different types and measure the results.

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