Q: Ad Extensions Assist In Providing Users With Which Two Things They Want From Their Search Experience? (Choose Two)

A) Product and service comparisons
B) Attractive imagery
C) Information based on their moment
D) Relevant information

E) News items related to their search

Correct Answer is: C, and D.


Ad extensions are a great tool for improving the user experience of a search engine. They provide users with two key things they want from their search experience – more information and easier access. Ad extensions can provide users with more information about the product or service they are searching for, as well as make it easier to access it. This can help improve user engagement and lead to higher conversion rates. Ad extensions also allow advertisers to customize their ads in order to better target their audience, which can result in better results for them.

Ad extensions in Google Ads assist in providing users with two important things they want from their search experience:

  1. Relevance: Ad extensions provide additional information about a business, such as location, phone number, and product details, making it easier for users to find the information they’re looking for and increasing the relevance of the ad to their search query.
  2. Convenience: Ad extensions provide users with easy access to additional information and resources directly from the ad, making it more convenient for them to get what they want from their search experience. For example, with the call extension, users can call a business directly from the ad, and with the location extension, users can see the location of a business on a map.

By providing users with more relevant information and a more convenient search experience, ad extensions can help improve the performance of an ad and increase conversions.

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