Q: You Can Now Receive Billing Alerts And Monthly Invoices Via text message. True Or False?

A) True
B) False

Correct Answer is B) False


Microsoft Advertising sends you Billing Alerts and Monthly Invoices straight to your registered email address and not via text message. It doesn’t matter whether you have the Payment setting as Prepay, Postpay, or Monthly invoice, you’ll receive all Billing alerts, notifications and Monthly invoices to your registered email address.

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) does not have an option to receive billing alerts or monthly invoices via text message. However, there are a few other ways to stay on top of your Google Ads billing and payments:

  1. Email notifications: Google Ads will send you an email when a payment is due or when there are any changes to your billing information.
  2. Billing Summary: You can view your billing summary online in your Google Ads account, which provides an overview of your charges and payment history.
  3. Billing alerts: You can set up billing alerts in your Google Ads account to receive an email or a notification in your account when your balance reaches a certain amount.
  4. Monthly invoices: You can download monthly invoices for your Google Ads account, which provide detailed information on your charges and payments.

If you need further assistance with your billing or invoices, you can contact Google Ads support for help.

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