Q: Which Traffic Source dimensions does Google Analytics automatically capture for each user who comes to your site?

A) Medium, Keyword, Campaign name
B) Source, Medium, Keyword
C) Source, Medium, Campaign name
D) Source, Keyword, Campaign name

Correct Answer is C) Source, Medium, Campaign name.


Google Analytics automatically captures several traffic source dimensions for each user who comes to your site, including:

  1. Source: The source of the traffic, such as Google, Facebook, or another website.
  2. Medium: The medium of the traffic, such as organic, referral, or paid search.
  3. Campaign: The specific campaign that drove the traffic, such as a specific AdWords campaign or email marketing campaign.
  4. Keyword: The keyword or search term used to find the website, if the traffic came from a search engine.
  5. Referral Path: The path of the referral, such as the specific page on another website that linked to the website.

These traffic source dimensions help provide a more complete picture of where your website traffic is coming from and how users are finding your site. This information can be used to optimize your digital marketing strategies and improve your overall website performance.

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