Q: Which is not a data source component?

A) Data records
B) Data fields
C) Header row
D) Mail merge toolbar

Correct Answer is D) Mail merge toolbar


The Mail Merge toolbar is a component of a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, that is used to create mass mailings and personalized documents. The Mail Merge toolbar provides a set of tools and options for managing the data source, formatting the merged document, and previewing and printing the final output.

Typically, the Mail Merge toolbar includes options for selecting the data source, defining fields and variables, inserting merge fields into the document, previewing the merged output, and generating the final output. The data source can be a database, a spreadsheet, or a text file, and the Mail Merge tool can be used to automate the creation of personalized letters, emails, mailing labels, and other documents.

Overall, the Mail Merge toolbar provides a simple and convenient way to create and manage mass mailings and personalized documents, helping businesses and individuals to save time and effort in their communications.

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