Best Cookie Audit Tools for 2020

The CookiePro Cookie Policy Generator comes with a built-in free Best Cookie Audit Tools that automatically scans the public pages on your website and keeps a listing of these cookies it finds.

You can use the tool for free to provide you with an overview dash showing you the type and purpose of your cookies. You can then choose to update any opportunity to unlock more detail about each cookie and obtain a custom, dynamic cookie policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are used by means of a site to store information. They are passed between the host of a website and the users’ browser. When you visit a site, it is going to send a cookie out of its own server. The browser then stores the cookie on your apparatus in a cookie file.

What do Cookies do?

They are used for tracking the users’ behavior on a web browser or a website. This may be used a third party service or by the site to provide personalized content to the users.

The cookie may be used to identify the unique and returning visitors to a website. When an individual visits a site, the website could create a cookie that stores some info that helps the site to recognize the user. If the user leaves the website and visits the website will have the ability to recognize the consumer as a returning user with the help of the cookie.

They track data like which pages aren’t and which pages are engaging to users and which pages don’t draw as much traffic. Hence, they can let you access a site faster and more efficiently.

Cookie Audit Tools are also used for recalling their users’ sessions. Websites rely on them to know the login session of its own users. All these are authentication cookies.

Key benefits of the CookiePro Cookie Policy Generator include:

  • Automatic audit of pages on your website.
  • Automatic highlighting of obsolete and new cookies.
  • Creates a dynamically cookie coverage you may embed on your

Classification of cookies

Cookies can be classified based on their attributes, like the source, duration, and purpose.

Depending on the origin, they’re classified as third party and first-party cookies.

First-party Cookies: All these are installed from the website that the users are on. The cookies used by a site to ascertain if a user is logged in.

Third-party Cookies: other sites install All these. Third-party advertisers use these cookies to track the users and find out about the effectiveness of the ads on websites.

Best Cookie Audit Tools

Privacy and Cookies

The Privacy Respect Auditor (PRA) is the global standard for checking a web site, interrogating the data collection technologies used, and reporting people likely to impact privacy regulation. The PRA is the first to provide a Privacy Respect Score which allows an organization to concentrate on advancement whilst.



CookieServe is a tool used to look at the cookies that are used on a web site. To look at the cookies, all you will need to do is enter the URL that you want to test and then click on the”Find Cookies” button.

Cookie Yes will scan the website and will show the cookies used on the website along with the description along with the cookie categories depending on the purpose of the cookies.



Automated cookie audit of any website, detecting both first and third party cookies and similar monitoring technologies (HTTP cookies, Javascript cookies, HTML5 Local Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Silverlight Isolated Storage, Web Beacons, Pixel Tags)

  • Customizable cookie consent banner supporting earlier and suggested consent
  • International cookie cutter of common third party cookies
  • Simple Cookie Control API to control that cookie is put on your Site
  • Reporting with data on user consents

Utilize Cookiebot on your own website from only $5/month to get up to 500 pages.



The CookieQ site cookie audit service relies on an automated site tracker scanner which creates an audit report of any public.

Cookie Reports features:

This comprehensive scan of your site includes every detail regarding HTTP, JavaScript and”Flash” cookies, HTML5 local storage, lost pages etc..

A report is given that details of the information about these cookies such as their expiration date, uniqueness, title, value, subkey, domain, path, entropy and protected status. The report lists 1st party and 3rd party cookies and also components like 3rd party tags that may cause your customers to be tracked without their approval.


Cookie Reports

Cookie Reports is Digital Control Room.

Cookie Reports supplies a package to attain cookie compliance for legislation across Europe.

Cookie Reports features:

  • Simple to execute — Cookie Reports provide.
  • Automated with auto-updates — Cookie Reports is self-updating and self-managing
  • Seamless navigation — Cookie Reports so that people don’t become distracted panel is available
  •  Brand integration — Cookie Reports support delivered with your brand guidelines inline
  • improved cookie acceptance — completely notifying visitors to instill confidence and trust
  • Accuracy and confidence — Cookie Reports audits every combination of each page

Evidon Encompass

Evidon Encompass supplies a complete view of all trackers across your websites –cookies, scripts and much more — and the circumstance to know which function for your business, and which don’t.

1. Comply with privacy laws, because you understand everything that You Need to disclose to consumers

2. Secure your site info, because you know that which trackers are authorized and which are not

3. Boost SEO, performance and engagement, because you know the effect that each tracker has on your site

Evidon Encompass is powered primarily with a proprietary Ghostery panel of over 1.6 million weekly users worldwide, which sees tracker data that scanners miss, and by the sole comprehensive library of tracking code online.

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Matraxis Website Cookie Audit

EU Cookie audit benefits

  • Receive a detailed report on site cookie usage with action plans and future recommendations
  • Prove to the ICO that your organization is preparing at an early stage
  • Automated cookie audits are faster and more reliable than assessing cookies manually
  • Avoid becoming seriously non-compliant with the law of being fined by the ICO with all the risk
  • Carried out by Matraxis

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Optanon Audit

Understand your cookie compliance risk with Optanon Audit

Before you can choose the right solution, you need to get some insight into your cookie exposure under the new law. Our Optanon Audit plug-in for Google Chrome will provide you a snapshot of how your domain name uses cookies so you can make an informed decision about the compliance solution. Before you download Optanon Audit, we ask you to fill in a form and select whether or not you would like us to provide a quotation.

1. Download the Optanon Audit plugin, install it.

2. Restart Chrome and browse your site (every page whenever possible)

3. Click on the logo in the browser bookmarks bar to view the cookie count and data about your cookies.

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Attacat Cookie Audit Tool

Achieve compliance with the EU cookie directive in just one hour!

The Attacat cookie audit tool audits your site’s cookies including their possible intrusiveness and what they are for as well as custom cookie information for your privacy policy.

All features:

* Free

* Designed for website owners, not developers

* Easy to understand report

* Common cookies graded to a Cookie Naughtiness Scale’

* Advice about commonly-used cookies

* Full log of all cookies and their contents

* Customised information to your privacy policy

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TRUSTe Website Tracker & Cookie Audit

Deep Scanning Technology

Our strong scanning technologies have been crawling the web for years, helping us collect the most complete database of third party trackers of the industry. Our platform shows the trackers which should be on your site and also can purge your site. We give you deep insight into:

  • First celebration trackers, and their place
  • Third party trackers and their location
  • domain’s sequence relays that result from the third party being found on the Site
  • Third party tracker details:
  • Identity
  • Category (ad network, advertising platform, analytics etc..)
  • Domain
  • Opt-out URL
  • Likelihood of OBA (Online Behavioral Advertising)
  • Oversight body membership e.g. NAI, DAA

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Attacat Cookie Audit Tool

Achieve compliance with the EU cookie directive in just one hour!

The Attacat cookie audit tool audits your website’s cookies including their possible intrusiveness and what they’re for as well as generating custom cookie advice for your privacy policy.

All features:

  • Free
  • Designed for site owners, not programmers
  • Easy to comprehend the report
  • Common cookies rated to a Cookie Naughtiness Scale’
  • Information about commonly-used cookies
  • Total log of all cookies and their contents
  • Customized advice to your privacy policy

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