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100 PDF Submission Sites for 2023 

For those looking to increase their online visibility and reach a wider audience, PDF submission sites are an invaluable asset. With the right list of sites, you can easily submit your PDFs to hundreds of websites with high domain authority in 2023.

This article will provide you with the top 100 PDF submission sites for 2023 with high domain authority. We have compiled this list based on our own research and experience, as well as feedback from other digital marketers who have used these sites before. We will also discuss the use cases of each site and how they can help boost your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

PDF submission sites are often very useful in boosting your website or blog ranking on Google. The below-listed PDF submission sites provide top quality backlinks & traffic to your website. I even have listed down these websites with their Page Authority and Domain Authority. PA, DA & Moz Rank changes from time to time so you’ll visit Bulk Domain Authority website to see current statics of PDF submission sites. This website is extremely helpful & also provides other valuable services.

PDF submission websites may be a regular SEO Task, If done carefully this will give your website high authority & traffic. Here are few PDF submission tips for to urge maximum out your PDF submission

What is a PDF File?

A PDF file is a type of document format that stands for Portable Document Format. It was created by Adobe Systems in 1993 and is now the most widely used format for documents on the web. PDF files can be used to share documents with others, regardless of the device or software they are using. They are also a great way to protect documents from being edited or viewed without permission, as they are encrypted and can only be opened by users who have access rights. With its features, a PDF file provides an ideal way to store and share important information.

What is PDF Submission in SEO?

PDF submission is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that involves submitting PDF documents to different websites, directories, and other online resources. This technique helps to increase the visibility of your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It also helps to build backlinks and improve your website’s authority. The idea behind PDF submission is that it makes your content more easily accessible for both search engines and users alike. By submitting PDFs, you can provide more detailed information about your product or service, which can lead to higher rankings in SERPs. Additionally, this technique can help you reach a wider audience since many people prefer reading PDFs over HTML webpages.

PDF Submission in SEO is a task done to increase backlinks from these submission websites and most of the SEO companies use this in his Link Building Service plan. It’s an online marketing tips to get high-quality inbound backlinks and increase your website authority and visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It will also help get referral traffic to your website or blog.

Why PDF Submission Sites Important in SEO?

PDF submission sites are an important part of any SEO strategy. They provide a great way to get your content out to the world and help you build backlinks, which is essential for improving your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). PDFs can also be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive more traffic to your website. With the help of these sites, you can easily create and submit PDFs that contain valuable information about your products or services. This will not only help you reach potential customers but also allow you to showcase your expertise in the field.

PDF submissions are very useful to give a new push to your website ranking online.

It is just because of one of the content marketing strategies which has been employed by SEO experts to plug their content and getting do-follow backlinks from the linked these websites.

Tips to Create a PDF File

  • Firstly you would like to write down content as per the need of your PPT or PDF or DOC.
  • Always confirm your content fits properly with maximum quality, engagement, and knowledge.
  • Do not forget to add you’re important keywords within the content part.
  • Add images as per the content requirement of the type and topic of your PDF or PPT or DOC.
  • You need to register or sign up by using email, Facebook, Linkedin or Gmail id.
  • Once registered, start submitting the PPT or PDF or DOC.
  • use proper tagging to come in Google search.
  • Submit your files in PPT, PPS, PDF or Doc formats
  • Check and Ensure that your PPT or PDF or DOC is working smoothly or not with proper and well-managed animation.

Tips Submit PDF On Free PDF Submission Sites 

Regarding PDF submission sites list with instant approval to add PDF files, just click on the sign-up button at the relevant site for registration; use the upload button and include the location of PDF file creation via the search bar.

Also add the title, description, and tags for the PDF File placing a link in the space for description. Now press the submit button. The job is done.

Benefits of Dofollow Free PDF Submission Sites

Free PDF submission sites provide a great opportunity for businesses to increase their online visibility and reach. By submitting PDF documents to these sites, businesses can get high-quality backlinks from trusted sources. This improves their website’s search engine ranking, increases website traffic, and boosts brand visibility.

Moreover, submitting documents on Dofollow Free PDF Submission Sites also helps businesses build relationships with other websites in their niche. This helps them gain more credibility and trustworthiness among potential customers. Additionally, it is an effective way to share valuable information with the public while also increasing the chances of getting more leads and conversions.

Benefits of Posting PDF on PDF Submission Sites

Posting PDFs on PDF submission sites can be a great way to increase the visibility of your content. It can help you reach a wider audience and bring more traffic to your website.

PDFs are easier to read than webpages, so they can be a great way to get your message across. They also tend to rank higher in search engine results, so they can help you get more organic traffic.

Posting PDFs on PDF submission sites is also an effective way to build backlinks for SEO purposes. By submitting your PDFs, you can create high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites that will boost your rankings and improve the overall performance of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some top benefits of posting PDF doc to the free PDF submission sites listed below::

  • Indexing Faster by Google
  • Flexibility to use and formatting in content including images
  • You can upload articles to multiple sharing sites without any duplication
  • Ease of adding affiliate links to articles

Major Tips to Submit PDF Submission 

Submitting a PDF document for review or publication can be an intimidating process. It requires attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions to ensure that your document is accepted. In this article, we will look at the major tips you need to keep in mind when submitting a PDF document for review or publication. We’ll cover topics such as formatting, file size, and how to make sure your PDF submission is error-free. With these tips in hand, you’ll be ready to submit your document with confidence and get it accepted without any issues!

Before getting started with PDF submission tips, I suggest you keep your content and HTML versions of PDF files available. Also, most of the tips I have mentioned are general on-page SEO.

#1 Convert PDF file into Readable Text

If it is scanned from somewhere, you will convert all PDFs to text. You can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) from Adobe Acrobat for this. It helps search engines to read your PDF files.

#2 Your PDF Submission Page Title

Submitting PDFs is an important part of many businesses, whether it be for job applications, customer orders, or other documents. Having a well-designed PDF submission page can make the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved. With this page title, you can quickly and easily create a submission page that will provide the necessary information to submit your PDFs. We will discuss how to design this page title so that it is both effective and efficient in its purpose.

#3 Use Alt Text on PDF Image

The use of Alt Text on PDF images is becoming increasingly important for businesses to ensure that their content is accessible to everyone. Alt Text, or alternative text, provides a description of an image in a PDF document that can be read by screen readers. This allows people with visual impairments to access the information contained in the image.

Alt Text also improves accessibility for all users, as it gives context to images that may not make sense without it. Furthermore, using Alt Text on PDF images ensures that search engines can accurately index the content of your documents. This helps your business’s visibility and makes it easier for potential customers to find you online.

#4 Avoid Spamming

Do not use spam websites to build backlinks throughout PDF content. You can submit high-quality PDF on these websites in return will it give tons on high quality traffic and boost in ranking

#5 keywords Rich Tags

PDFs are an essential part of any online content. They are used to store and share information, documents, and other types of content. However, PDFs can be made even more powerful by adding keywords rich tags to them. This allows search engines to find your PDFs much more easily and rank them higher in the SERPs.

Adding keywords rich tags to PDFs is a great way for copywriters and content writers to make sure that their work will be found by the right people. By doing this, they can increase visibility of their work while also increasing its relevance in terms of SEO. With the help of keywords rich tags PDFs can become an effective tool for creating more engaging content that is optimized for search engine rankings.

Keep in Mind, Whenever You Create These Formats


When you create PPT use to follow these methods:

  1. Avoid writing so much content
  2. User proper Images with alt
  3. Place relevant  reference links
  4. Use fresh keywords in the description when submitting PPT.


Use the following tips to submit PDF:

  1. Always Use unique content
  2. IUse relevant images
  3. Abovid keywords stuffing
  4. Use rich keywords 
  5. You should be also use fresh keywords in the description


Use the following tips to submit DOC:

  1. Use unique content
  2. Make the document in Word Format.
  3. Image/images can be used
  4. Don’t stuff keywords
  5. Use rich keywords 
  6. You can also use fresh keywords in description while submitting the DOC file.

Top 10 PDF Submission Sites List

If you are looking for the best PDF submission sites to promote your content, then this article is for you. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 PDF submission sites that can help you increase your content’s reach and visibility. We have also included some useful tips and tricks to make sure that your PDFs get accepted by these websites. So, read on to find out more about the top 10 PDF Submission Sites List! is one of the most popular pdf submission sites on the web. It allows users to upload their documents in pdf format and share them with others. The site also offers a variety of features such as creating presentations, embedding videos, and creating polls. With Slideshare, you can easily reach out to a wider audience and get your document seen by more people. Moreover, it provides an easy way for people to find your document and share it with others. Additionally, its analytics feature helps you track how many times your document has been viewed or shared. is one of the most popular pdf submission sites. It allows users to upload and share their pdf documents with others all over the world. It is a great way for authors, researchers and students to share their work with a wider audience. makes it easy for users to submit their documents by providing an intuitive user interface and advanced features such as document preview, search engine optimization, and analytics tools. It also allows users to access a wide range of pdf submission sites lists which can help them find the best place to submit their documents. is a popular pdf submission site which allows users to submit their documents to increase their online visibility and reach a wider audience. It also helps users in getting more exposure for their work, as it has a wide range of categories and sub-categories for different types of documents. is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to upload their documents in PDF format or other popular formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Users can also add tags and keywords to make sure that the document gets indexed properly by search engines and can be easily found by potential readers. Submitting documents on is free of cost and it provides an excellent platform for content creators to showcase their work and reach out to new audiences. is a popular pdf submission site that allows users to easily submit their pdf files for storage, sharing and collaboration. It is a great platform for anyone who needs to store and share their documents with other people. also provides users with various tools and features such as the ability to upload multiple files at once, the ability to search for other users’ documents, and the ability to set up notifications when new content is added or updated.

Additionally, offers an extensive list of pdf submission sites that can be used for submitting your documents online. With these sites, you can quickly get your documents out there and make sure that they are seen by potential customers or collaborators. is one of the most popular pdf submission sites available today. It allows users to easily upload, share and distribute their documents in a variety of formats. It also provides a range of tools to help users promote their documents and make them more visible online. With its powerful search engine and easy-to-use interface, makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it offers a wide range of features such as document analytics, social media integration, and custom branding options that make it an ideal platform for businesses looking to reach out to their target audience with their digital content. is one of the most popular pdf submission sites on the internet. It allows users to easily submit their pdfs and share them with others. This site is perfect for those who want to share their work with a wider audience or just need a place to store their files securely.

The site also provides users with an extensive list of pdf submission sites, so they can find the best ones for their needs. It also offers helpful tips and advice on how to make sure your pdfs are properly formatted and look professional. With, you can be sure that your pdfs will be seen by the right people in no time! is a popular pdf submission site that offers a wide range of features to help you share your documents with the world. It allows users to upload and share their documents in a variety of formats, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more. It also provides users with the ability to password protect their files for added security. also provides users with an easy-to-use search feature that helps them find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently. Additionally, it offers lists of other pdf submission sites so that users can find the best site for their needs. is an online pdf submission site that provides users with a platform to share their pdf documents. It is a great option for those who are looking to submit their documents in a quick and easy way.

The site offers users several features such as the ability to create and share documents, as well as lists of other pdf submission sites. This makes it easy for users to find the right site for their needs, whether it’s for personal or business use. also offers users the ability to track their document’s progress and view analytics about how many people have viewed it, making it an ideal tool for those who need detailed insights into how their document is performing online. is a popular pdf submission site that allows users to easily share and submit documents in a secure and user-friendly environment. It provides an easy way for users to upload, store and share their documents with others. With its intuitive interface, users can quickly find the document they are looking for without any hassle. Furthermore, also offers features such as password protection and automatic notifications when documents have been shared or updated. This makes it a great platform for securely submitting documents online. is a pdf submission site that allows users to easily upload and share their pdf documents with the world. It is an easy to use platform that provides users with a wide range of features such as the ability to create custom folders for their documents, share them in private groups, and even embed them on other websites.

The site also provides a comprehensive list of pdf submission sites, making it easy for users to find the best place to submit their documents. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, makes it simple for anyone to upload and share their pdfs quickly and securely.

Top PDF Submission Sites List for 2023

Webpage URLDAPAMoz RankAlexa Rank

Final Thoughts: PDF Submission Sites

I hope this verified PDF submissions sites list will make your way to improve your website ranking easily via content in PDF format.

FAQ About PDF Submission Sites

Here are some frequently asked questions about PDF submission sites:

Q: What is a PDF submission site?

Ans: A PDF submission site is a platform where you can upload and share your PDF documents with a large audience. These sites typically allow you to upload your PDFs, provide information about your PDFs, and share them on various social media and document sharing platforms.

Q: What are the benefits of using a PDF submission site?

Ans: The main benefits of using a PDF submission site include increased exposure and visibility for your PDFs, the ability to reach a large and diverse audience, and the ability to engage with your readers and receive feedback.

Q: What types of PDFs can I submit to a PDF submission site?

Ans: You can typically submit a wide range of PDFs to a PDF submission site, including research papers, academic reports, e-books, and other forms of content that can be converted to PDF format.

Q: Is there a cost associated with submitting PDFs to a PDF submission site?

Ans: Some PDF submission sites are free to use, while others may charge a fee for premium features or to submit a large number of PDFs. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each site to determine if there are any associated costs.

Q: Can I monetize my PDFs on a PDF submission site?

Ans: Some PDF submission sites may provide monetization options, such as displaying advertisements alongside your PDFs, or allowing you to receive payment for each download or view. However, this can vary greatly depending on the site and the terms and conditions of each platform.

Q: How do I optimize my PDFs for submission to a PDF submission site?

Ans: To optimize your PDFs for submission to a PDF submission site, it is important to ensure that they are high-quality, well-written, and well-optimized for search engines. You should also provide accurate and complete information about your PDFs, including a compelling title, description, and keywords, to help increase visibility and engagement. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that your PDFs are well-formatted, visually appealing, and easy to read.


In conclusion, PDF submission sites can be a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking to increase exposure and visibility for their PDFs. These sites provide a platform for you to upload and share your PDFs with a large audience, and offer the potential for increased engagement and monetization. However, it is important to carefully consider the terms and conditions of each site and to optimize your PDFs for maximum impact. By using PDF submission sites effectively, you can achieve greater success in reaching your target audience and growing your online presence. Additionally, by making your PDFs available on multiple platforms, you can increase the chances of them being discovered and shared, helping to build your reputation and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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