Q: Keyword Planner Is A Research Tool That Provides Which Kinds Of Insight?

A) Look at keyword search volume for a specified time
B) Customize your individual ad group and keyword
C) Compare your ad impression share to your competitors
D) Search capabilities by landing page URL

E) All of the above

Correct Answer is E) All of the above


Keyword Planner gives you all the above mentioned data. You can use the Keyword Tool to find out if your landing page contains the keywords you’re targeting and whether it is optimized for your targeted keywords by using the landing page URL. You can type in your targeted keyword to find out about your Ad share against your competitors and other market leader domains. You can use the Keyword tool to customize the bids for your keywords and Ad groups or you can even increase them to full scale to get the traffic estimates for your keyword. Most importantly, you can use the Keyword Tool to find out the search volume of your keyword for a specific time going back up to a period of 24 months.

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