Q: Helen’s Heating And Air (HHA) Wants To Encourage Interest In Their New Smart Refrigerators. They Know That WidgetCo Also Sells Smart Refrigerators. HHA’s Marketing Manager Creates The Broad Match Keyword “Refrigerator” And Adds “WidgetCo” As A Negative Keyword. Which Two Searches May Prompt The Ad? (Choose Two)

A) WidgetCo refrigerator installation
B) Refrigerator reviews WidgetCo
C) WidgetCo customer support
D) Energy-efficient fridge

E) Smart refrigerator reviews

Correct Answer is: D, and E.


When Helen’s Heating and Air (HHA) creates a broad match keyword of “refrigerator” and adds “WidgetCo” as a negative keyword, they are using a strategy to target potential customers who are searching for “refrigerator” on search engines, but exclude those who are specifically searching for “WidgetCo.”

By using a broad match keyword, HHA’s ads will be eligible to show for a variety of search queries that contain the word “refrigerator.” By adding “WidgetCo” as a negative keyword, HHA is telling the search engine not to show their ads for any search queries that contain “WidgetCo.” This is helpful because HHA does not want to compete with WidgetCo and is instead focused on promoting their own brand.

By using this strategy, HHA is able to reach potential customers who are interested in buying a refrigerator, while avoiding any competition with WidgetCo. This can help HHA to improve the relevance and performance of their ads and to better connect with their target audience.

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