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Video Marketing is an essential aspect of marketing. It includes promoting your brand through pictures, videos, etc. Video marketing helps you spread your message precisely and attractively. 

On the other hand, SEO helps your video rank higher and help you reach a wider audience. 

Both these components are equally essential to help you gain website traffic. 

Want to know more about how video marketing and SEO help you bring in more traffic to enhance your website traffic? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This article focuses on how video marketing enables you to strengthen website traffic. 

10 Ways to enhance your Website Traffic with Video Marketing and SEO

Listed below are some ways in which you can improve your website traffic with Video Marketing and SEO.

Create Short Videos

Nowadays, people do not have the time to watch long videos. They leave watching the video in the middle. 

Therefore, you need to make videos that are short and precise. If you have too much footage recorded, use an online video editor to cut down your footage and create a short video about the message you are trying to portray. 

Make Eye-catching Thumbnails

Thumbnail is the picture of the video the audience will see before clicking on the video. So, the thumbnails must be attractive enough to intrigue the audience and compel them to watch the video. 

You can either use stills from the footage you took for your video or other pictures as your thumbnail. Your thumbnail must not be too bright or too dark. It should also not be misleading to the audience.

It should give viewers an idea of what they can expect and must be aesthetically pleasing.  

Add Relevant Metadata

Metadata is an integral part of enhancing your SEO. 

Your metadata should include all the relevant keywords. Through this, Google and other search engine platforms will recommend your videos to your target audience. As a result, your website will also rank higher on search engines.

Your metadata must also be related to your message in the video. Your audience must understand what the content is about after reading the metadata. 

Metadata consists of two parts: the meta title and meta description. 

The metadata, especially the meta description, should be short and precise. The meta title should be short, attractive, and catchy. 

Include Relevant Keywords

 Keywords are crucial not only for written articles but also for images and videos. 

You must search for all the trending keywords and put in the keywords on your video or the picture you will use to promote your products. This way, the search engines will understand your content and help you promote your business and products to your target audience. 

For example, while making a video on a product like sandals, you must search for all the relevant and trending keywords related to sandals, like “buy sandals” or “best sandals to buy.”

There must not be irrelevant keywords as it may mess up the algorithm. 

Add Transcripts to The Video

Transcripts are essential to enhance our SEO. Search engines do not know the content of your video. Hence, transcripts are required to make the search engines aware of your video’s content. 

Use a video maker to embed transcripts in your video.

With transcripts, you will reach a wider audience and provide more context to your video.  

Add Special Effects and Animation to The Video

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is to add special effects to your video. 

Attractive special effects and transitions engage the viewers to watch your videos till the end and check out the website. Special effects and animation provide the extra edge to your video that a regular video cannot offer. 

Use an online video editor to incorporate cool special effects, animation, and background music to increase your brand awareness, and this will attract more viewers and boost your SEO and traffic on your website. 

Add Videos to Your Landing Page

Another way to increase traffic is to include videos on your website. Videos provide variety on your page and explain the content of your page precisely. Videos also help users navigate your website. 

Incorporating videos on your landing page will also help you increase the uniqueness of your page and will indicate that the audience likes your content to search engines, allowing them to rank higher in the search results. 

Link Your Website and Other Social Media Platforms to Your Videos

Linking your website makes it easier for the audience to visit. It builds page authority, allowing you to shift from one page to another quickly. 

Linking your website enhances your SEO and helps you rank higher on the search results. It also displays your website to a larger audience, which increases the organic traffic on your website and helps form a stable online audience. 

All of that will help you grow your business immensely. 

Promote Your Video

One of the primary ways to increase the traffic of your business website is to promote your video. 

Link your videos to your posts on other social media platforms. You can also mention the link to your website on your social media bio for more people to see. This way, your business page will rank higher in the search engine algorithm and help you promote your business to a broader audience. 

Make sure to promote your video well. For example, you can ask influences to give a shout-out to your brand and promote your video. In addition, you can schedule a countdown to get people excited about your video. 

As a result, you will increase organic traffic on your website and help your business grow.

Add an Attractive Call to Action

A call to action is essential to specify what needs to be done after watching your video or ad. 

Without clean instructions, your audience will be confused about the steps they should take after watching your video. Therefore, the call to action must be clear, precise, and attractive and contain links to your channels and other social media platforms.

This way, you can easily promote your socials and business to gain organic traffic and boost your search engine results.


These are some ways video marketing and SEO can help your business grow by enhancing organic traffic on your business website. Now that you know how components and SEO and video marketing enable you to increase traffic on your website, it will be easier for you to use them to your advantage. 

SEO and video marketing are obviously essential elements while planning your marketing strategy and growing your business, so you must take them seriously and incorporate both elements in your videos to help you bring in more traffic. 

Also, remember consistency is the key. Therefore, keep posting videos frequently to help your website gain more traction.

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