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To go by video marketing statistics, marketers are getting around 70% more leads every year if they are using video marketing strategies in the right way. The figures speak genuinely about the successful businesses that are availing with the use of video marketing.

Video marketing is one strategy that, when used most effectively, can drive engagement and bring in some great results. It is the top online marketing trend that integrates marketing communication plans to increase users’ engagement via social activity.

Generating leads, boosting brand awareness, and engaging more audiences are tasks that will be a breeze for you if you use video marketing as the option of your choice. This is one platform that offers users long-term and multiple advantages.

So, if you are ready to make that big move and use video marketing to build a very strong reputation, then there are some expert tips that you need to follow. Follow the tips below, and there will be nothing that can stop you from getting ahead of your competitors. 

1. Optimize the Video Landing Page

Out of the many channels that marketers can use for promoting their videos, optimizing the video marketing landing page is the most result-oriented. There’s no use creating a landing page if potential customers cannot find it.

One good way of making your page noticeable and useful is by incorporating completely optimized video landing pages into newsletters, social media posts, and advertisements. You can start with this point in mind. But you must also understand that creating videos complementing the content on your landing page is indispensable.

Also, make sure to have your focus on the target audience. Try to know their preferences and requirements while also trying to determine the different channels they use for consuming videos.

It is also crucial for you to understand the type of videos liked and appreciated by your target audience. Once you are able to understand all these points, nothing will hinder you from connecting with your audiences easily. This will further boost improved results towards your business requirements.

2. Know that Social Media Is Powerful

Coming up with a video marketing campaign for the growth of your business and for an increase in site traffic means you should have your focus on both video-sharing platforms and social media. These include Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Nowadays, people spend the majority of their time on these platforms, and thus they are considered goldmines for promoting brands and businesses. Still, have doubts? Go through the points that follow.

Posting top-quality videos regularly will help you engage with the audience, which will further build the presence of your brand. Making content searchable by optimizing hashtags on the social media platforms and tags on YouTube will further help you increase website traffic. You can also promote content by reaching out to influencers along with other reputed brands.

3. Do Not Take Much Time to Get to the Exact Point

There’s no use in creating a 3-minute video if your video cannot capture the viewers’ attention within the first three to five seconds. Yes, that’s true! Typical online users do not have much time in hand, and they even have a very short attention span.

Hence, video marketers need to ensure that their videos are engaging and they get to the point within the first ten seconds. Most importantly, your video should answer the question “Why am I here?” or “Why am I watching this?” And yes, do not forget that the answer to these questions should come within the first ten seconds.

4. Create Mobile-Friendly Video Content

With smartphones being available in every hand these days, it has become important for marketers to ensure their videos can be viewed on different mobile devices. Surveys conducted to date have put forward the fact that people are more likely to watch videos on their smartphones than on their computers.

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal in creating content that can be watched on a smartphone? Of course, there are some tips you need to have in mind. First and foremost, you must automatically use highly responsive players such as Vimeo and YouTube as these platforms help increase or reduce video quality as per viewer bandwidth.

You must also keep a watch on the size of the text. That’s because a text size that appears large on a TV screen will appear small on smartphones. Also, make sure to adjust the playtime of the video as per requirement or purpose.

For example, Instagram works best for teasers of 60 seconds, while hour-long behind-the-scenes videos are for YouTube.

5. Do Not Forget the Call to Action

Marketing content should always come with an attractive call to action, and the same goes for videos as well. Adding a CTA right at the end of a video is a good practice, but it even works to add a call to action right in the middle of a video. This is where the viewer is completely engaged with the content, and thus it brings good success to the marketers.

Nevertheless, you need to be very careful with mid-roll calls to action as they might interrupt the video flow and even annoy the audience. For mid-roll CTAs, the rule of thumb is to ensure they fit in naturally within the content and do not completely derail the message being sent by you.

CTAs should be clear in every video posted, and they should not confuse the audience. Getting more traffic to your site will only be possible if you make it easier for audiences to get to your site.


In summary, video marketing comes as an ever-expanding medium for marketing one’s online business. It is essential to come up with a highly exhaustive strategy for video marketing, but other factors also need to be implemented in the right way. One good strategy in video marketing will definitely boost the traffic on your site and conversions.

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