Q: Which of the following aspects of Microsoft Advertising Editor can you customize?

A) Device targets for ad groups
B) Demographic targets for campaigns
C) Summary Grid columns
D) Default keyword bids at the ad-group level

E) All of the above

Correct Answer is E) All of the above.


You can do all of the above things with Microsoft Advertising Editor. You can select a default keyword bid at the ad group level by selecting the ad group first and then clicking on Search Bid and then typing in the keyword bid you want. You can customize the Summary Grid columns by right-clicking any column in the Summary Grid and selecting the checkboxes next to the columns you want to view. You can change the demographic targets by clicking on Targeting, selecting the Ad campaign and then selecting demographics, and changing the values you want. Similarly, you can change device targets by clicking on Targeting, selecting your Ad group and changing the targeted device to the one you want.

Microsoft Advertising Editor allows you to customize several aspects of your advertising campaigns, including:

  • Campaign settings: such as budget, targeting, and delivery settings
  • Ad groups: including ad group names, targeting settings, and ad placement
  • Ad copy: including headlines, descriptions, and display URLs
  • Ad extensions: including location, call, review, and sitelink extensions
  • Bid strategies: including manual bidding, target cost-per-click (CPC), and enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)

Note: The available customization options may vary depending on the version of Microsoft Advertising Editor and the type of campaign you are working with.

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