Q: In addition to reviewing the recommendations tab, how else might you find data for optimizing your campaigns? Choose all that apply

A) Check out the dimensions tab
B) Run performance reports
C) Separate audience campaigns
D) Configure devices

D) None of the above

Correct Answer is A) Check out the dimensions tab, and B) Run performance reports.


You can check out the Dimensions tab which provides six dimensions and eight metrics that you can further optimize. The dimensions are Search Terms, Geographic Locations, Website URL(Publisher), Time and Day, Destination URL, and Call Details. The eight metrics are Cost-Per-Click, Click-Through-Rate, Conversions, Clicks, Call-To-Action, Impressions, Average Position, and Spend.

You can also run Performance reports that uses Microsoft’s Machine learning technology to provide insights about the performance of your campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads.

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