Q: To create a Custom Dimension for membership status (i.e., rewards level), what scope would be applied?

A) Session
B) User
C) Product
D) Hit

Correct Answer is B) User.


To create a Custom Dimension for membership status, such as rewards level, you would use the “user” scope. The user scope is used to capture information about a particular user across multiple sessions and devices. In this case, the Custom Dimension would capture the membership status of a user, and this information would be associated with all the hits and sessions for that user, regardless of which device or browser they use.

To create the Custom Dimension in Google Analytics, you would go to the Admin section, select the property you want to create the dimension for, and then click on Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions. From there, you would create a new dimension with a name such as “Membership Status” and select the “User” scope.

Once the dimension is created, you would need to send the membership status information to Google Analytics using the set dimension method. You would typically do this through your website’s tracking code or by using the Google Analytics API.

With the membership status information captured as a Custom Dimension, you could then create reports and segments to better understand the behavior and conversion rates of your different membership levels.

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