Klothes For Kats, a clothing store, can use local catalog ads to reach potential customers. Through different views, their ads can be seen by more people and they can make sure that their message reaches the right target audience.

Views available for Klothes For Kats’ local catalog ads include print publications, online publications, social media platforms and search engine result pages. By using these different views, Klothes For Kats can tailor their message to the specific target audience they are trying to reach. Additionally, these views provide them with an opportunity to track the performance of their ad campaigns and adjust them accordingly.

Q: If Klothes For Kats Uses Local Catalog Ads, Their Ads Can Be Shown In Different Views. Which Two Statements Are True About Views That Are Available In Local Catalog Ads? (Choose Two.)

A) Map view, where potential customers can find Klothes for Kats’ brick-and-mortar location.
B) Main view, where consumers can quickly see key information about Klothes for Kats.
C) Product view, where potential customers can see recent purchases made by existing customers.
D) Product view, where potential customers can see a particular cat dress available from multiple vendors.

E) Main view, where potential customers can find directions to Klothes for Kats.

Correct Answer is: A, and B.

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