Multi-user access for sign up can be beneficial for businesses and agencies that need to manage multiple users. It can help streamline the process of user registration, authentication, and authorization. Multi-user access allows for better control over who has access to what data and what actions they are able to take. It also helps in tracking changes made by each user, which can be useful for auditing purposes. Additionally, it enables organizations to set different levels of access rights depending on the user’s role or job function. This way, they can ensure that only those with the right permissions have access to sensitive information or resources.

Q: How might using Multi-User Access for sign up be useful for your agency or business?

A) To intake and host necessary data​
B) To perform an exit interview with a former client
C) To grant partner access to files
D) To onboard new clients who are not in Microsoft Advertising

E) None of the above

F) All of the above

Correct Answer is D) To onboard new clients who are not in Microsoft Advertising.

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