Q: What can the Performance Planner recommend?

A) Applying bid adjustments to specific locations
B) Including or excluding “Google search partners”
C) Using “Target impression share” as an automated bid strategy
D) Campaign-level Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

Correct Answer is D) Campaign-level Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)


What can the Performance Planner recommend?

The Performance Planner is a powerful tool in Google Ads that helps advertisers forecast future ad performance and make data-driven decisions to improve their campaign’s overall effectiveness. By analyzing historical campaign data and utilizing machine learning algorithms, the Performance Planner can recommend various strategies and tactics to optimize ad spend and achieve better results.

Some of the key recommendations that the Performance Planner can provide include:

Budget allocation:

One of the most critical factors in any advertising campaign is budget allocation. The Performance Planner can help advertisers determine how much budget they should allocate to different campaigns, ad groups, or keywords, based on past performance and expected future results. This can help ensure that advertisers are spending their budget wisely and getting the most out of their advertising investment.

Bid adjustments:

The Performance Planner can also recommend bid adjustments for individual keywords or ad groups to help improve ad performance. By analyzing historical data, the tool can identify which keywords are performing well and which ones are underperforming, and recommend bid adjustments accordingly. This can help ensure that advertisers are bidding the right amount for their keywords and maximizing their return on investment.

Ad scheduling:

The Performance Planner can also provide recommendations for ad scheduling, helping advertisers determine the best times of day or days of the week to run their ads. By analyzing historical data on when ads have performed well, the tool can help advertisers optimize their ad scheduling and ensure that their ads are reaching their target audience at the right times.

Ad formats:

The Performance Planner can recommend which ad formats will work best for a given campaign, based on historical data and current market trends. For example, the tool might suggest that advertisers use video ads instead of text ads for a specific campaign, based on data showing that video ads have historically performed better for that type of campaign.

Targeting options:

Finally, the Performance Planner can recommend different targeting options to help advertisers reach their desired audience more effectively. This could include recommendations for geographic targeting, device targeting, or audience targeting, based on historical performance data and market trends.

Overall, the Performance Planner is an incredibly powerful tool that can help advertisers make data-driven decisions and optimize their ad spend for maximum effectiveness. By utilizing the tool’s recommendations, advertisers can ensure that they are making the most of their advertising investment and achieving the best possible results.


Q: What is the performance planner?

A: The performance planner is a tool in Google Ads that helps advertisers estimate the impact of different bid, budget, and targeting changes on their advertising performance. It can also provide recommendations for how to improve performance based on these estimates.

Q: What can the performance planner recommend?

A: The performance planner can recommend a variety of changes to improve ad performance, including changes to bids, budgets, and targeting. For example, it may recommend increasing bids on high-performing keywords or increasing the daily budget for a campaign that is limited by budget constraints. It can also provide estimates for the potential impact of these changes on key performance metrics like clicks, conversions, and cost.

Q: How does the performance planner make its recommendations?

A: The performance planner uses machine learning algorithms and historical performance data to make its recommendations. It takes into account factors like seasonality, trends, and competitive activity to estimate the potential impact of different changes on advertising performance.

Q: Can the performance planner recommend changes for all types of campaigns?

A: The performance planner can make recommendations for search, display, and video campaigns in Google Ads. However, it may not be able to provide accurate estimates for campaigns that have limited historical data or for campaigns that target highly specific or niche audiences.

Q: How can advertisers use the performance planner to improve their advertising performance?

A: Advertisers can use the performance planner to test different scenarios and estimate the potential impact of different changes on ad performance. By using the recommendations provided by the performance planner, advertisers can make informed decisions about how to optimize their campaigns for better performance and improved return on investment.

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