Q: To view accurate data in a Custom Report, what action should be avoided?

A) Use multiple dimensions together in the same report
B) Use a Custom Dimension as a primary dimension
C) Create a report with Custom Metrics
D) Pair metrics and dimensions of different scopes

Correct Answer is D) Pair metrics and dimensions of different scopes.


Pairing metrics and dimensions of different scopes is not possible in any report.

In Google Analytics, each dimension and metric has a scope. In most cases, you want only to combine the dimensions and metrics of the same scope. Also, it’s important to understand the difference between metrics and dimensions. While a dimension is characteristic of an object that can be given different values, or in other words “describes data”, a metric “measures data”. A metric is an element of dimension measures in numbers, as a sum or ratio.

Dimension & Metric explorer is a great tool to check dimensions &  metrics combinations. With this tool, you can find out valid combinations, sort them by features, explore all possible metrics and dimensions, and more.

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