Q: Jonah’s Surf Shop Has Been Running Google Ads For Years, And Now They’re Interested In Introducing A New Type Of Online Ad. Which Potential Customer Could Jonah Reach By Running Local Inventory Ads?

A) Mandi, who’s looking for the lowest price, regardless of location.
B) Rob, who wants to see a specific board in-store before he’ll purchase it.
C) Anna, who’s unsure whether she wants a surfboard or a stand-up paddleboard.
D) Brian, who’s hoping to make a quick online purchase during his lunch break.

Correct Answer is B) Rob, who wants to see a specific board in-store before he’ll purchase it.


By running Local Inventory Ads (LIA), Jonah’s Surf Shop can reach potential customers who are in close proximity to the store and are actively searching for products that the shop carries. LIA uses the customer’s location information to display the store’s real-time inventory of products available for purchase in-store. This type of ad is particularly useful for customers who are looking to buy products immediately and prefer to see the item in person before making a purchase. LIA can help Jonah’s Surf Shop reach customers who are likely to be interested in visiting the store and making a purchase, thus increasing the likelihood of driving in-store sales.

Additionally, LIA can help Jonah’s Surf Shop stand out from other online ads by providing customers with information about the availability of specific products in their local area.

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